Radio Satire is a new radio station which offers old classic humour like Monty Python and Fleksnes with focus on 60’s and 70’s classics. They need an advertisement to create interest and attract new listeners. They want to promote themselves on various public transport platforms as well as on the internet platform Spotify. Additionally, they want studio pictures of one or more people.

The retro style of my design fits the radio station old classic humour genre. The man in the picture has a classic look for ‘dad humour’. The different fonts, sizes, and colours of the text and the solid shadows give a vintage feel to the poster. The texture also adds to the style.

For the photoshoot, I set up a home studio. I experimented with soft lighting to create portraits with a contemporary and relevant style while still communicating the genre’s tone. The closely cropped shots and large negative spaces allow the focus to remain on the model’s facial expressions.



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